3 BIG Reasons To Consider A Private Charter Plane For Your Honeymoon

You have the big day all planned out and it is now time to start working on the plans for the big event that happens when the reception concludes: the honeymoon. You may have an idea of where you want to go and may have even thought about how you will get to your honeymoon destination. However, if you are like most newlyweds, you will simply buy a couple of plane tickets on a commercial flight. [Read More]

In It For The Long Haul & Expecting To Make Bank? Establish A Home Base To Reduce Your Tax Liability

Truckers who live in their trucks can earn more money. It simply comes down to being one of the few truckers who are willing to go long distances without any demands of needing to be back home by any  certain day or time, because there is no home to go to. If you are an owner-operator and are willing to essentially become homeless in order to make more money by taking jobs that are further away, there's one important thing you'll need to do: establish a home base. [Read More]

Questions To Ask Before Shipping Your Car

Driving your car across country can be a costly and tiring endeavor. It is because of this, many car owners are opting to ship their vehicles to their new destination. If you are planning to contract with a shipper, here are a few questions to ask before agreeing to the service.   What Should You Remove Prior to Shipping?  There are a lot of myths surrounding what can and cannot be left on a car when it is being shipped. [Read More]

The Benefits of Heading Out for a Bike Ride With Your Friends and Family While on Vacation

When you are on vacation, finding ways to enjoy the company of your loved ones are numerous. Whether you are playing on the beach with children, or enjoying a canoe trip on a lake, there are many outdoor activities to choose from. If you love being active and are looking for something new to try, renting bikes and exploring the area you are visiting can be a wonderful experience. You'll get to see the area in a different way than if you were driving around in a car or taking a long walk. [Read More]